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Sam Lindsey - Photographer Bio

Hey, I'm Sam Lindsey!

I'm a photographer based out of Denver, CO.

My work is fueled by connection. My sessions are not going to be about "the shot", but about hanging out, cracking up, and being with each other. My clients always express just how much fun we have on our shoots. Instead of meticulously crafting and building a shot that projects an identity, we'll capture a slice of you beaming and radiating as you are.  Photos are informed and empowered by the relationships people have with one another. When we have fun and get to know each other we'll end up discovering more intimate, distinctive, and authentic photos along the way. The kind of photo that will surprise us in exciting and unexpected ways. The kind of photo that isn't obsessed with replicating other photos. The kind of photo that feels like it was taken by a friend. That's because it was taken by a friend. Let's be friends.

I currently shoot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV for digital and a Canon ELAN 35 mm for film. I'm trained in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere. I'm interested and experienced in portraits, tour photography, group/band sessions, travel photography and e-commerce. I'm willing to travel, design and do video and I'm skilled with in-camera effects, and quick turnaround. I can be reached at Samedwardlindsey@gmail.com or shoot me a text at (615) 829-4989. Have the best day!

Ethansroom - Long-form Artist Bio

Ethansroom is the moniker for 21-year-old singer/songwriter Ethan Fortenberry. Staying true to his name, Ethansroom lays out intently meek and personal geographys of himself, bringing listeners into the thoughts and conversations that we might imagine go in his very bedroom. His soulful and soft-spoken lyrics imbue an indie atmosphere with autobiographic honesty.

Raised in Rome, Georgia, Ethan became interested in music as a teenager, learning to play the guitar and drums. It was not until he moved away from his hometown that he began writing the intimate lyrics that would become the seeds of Ethansroom’s music. He cites fellow roommates’ and songwriters Jack Van Cleaf and Maxx Marshall as instrumental in his journey towards growing into writer he is still becoming. The modest, heartfelt, empathetic songs he wrote and recorded his first year away from home are found in his First Release, Island - EP, which was self-released in 2016.

Ethanroom's songs, filled with confessional writing about relationships, faith, and ongoing struggles with anxiety and depression, harbor a sharp focus on arrangement. Likes of Aiden Knight and Andy Shauf deeply influence his atmospheric and approachable sound. Whereas his lyrical content evokes troubadours like Lewis Watson and the solo work of Nathaniel Rateliff.

Ethansroom released his first full length, To, From. , in the summer of 2018. This album finds ethansroom weaving together acoustic bedroom folk, with more indie rock tendencies. The collection successfully expands the scope of Ethan’s tender songwriting and promising career.

Source: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0obyulaZmm...

Gatlin Elaine - 5 Sentence Artist Bio

Gatlin’s great-grandmother was a spitfire. She flew planes and rode bikes; blazing through conventions she knew were only constraints. She passed down to Gatlin, not only her name but her bold and adventurous spirit. Gatlin’s music, much like her great-grandmother, surges, and roars across the landscape that she lives through. Her songs rumble from the past, grounded in the folk forms and lyricism she’s inherited. But they take flight in the present, empowered and electrified by a voice and heart very much her own.

originally published on https://www.gatlinmusic.com. Go and check out her music. She rocks.

Source: https://www.gatlinmusic.com